All major smartphones have been announced for the first half of 2018 and our 10 best smartphones list gets refreshed with new releases, when they are worthy of consideration. There are also many low-cost smartphones with more likely to come from Honor, Motorola, LG, Samsung, and others.

Some phones are on a fairly regular release schedule, but others appear out of the blue. As we look across the next few months, there are five likely new phones coming soon.

Samsung is pretty regular around a late summer/early fall release cycle for the Note series and as reported yesterday on ZDNet the Galaxy Note 9 will be announced in NYC on 9 August.

CNET: Best Android Phones for 2018

We expect the Note 9 to follow one of the significant design changes seen in the Galaxy S9 Plus; a central rear fingerprint scanner. It is unlikely to have the fingerprint scanner under the glass and with its focus on enterprise users there is little chance of radical design changes.